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TV Show Recommendation - Xavier Renegade Angel


Ever wanted to watch a show so dumb, it's clever? Ever wanted to take a psychedelic trip down the absurd? Xavier Renegade Angel is only thing I know that can fulfill these quenches.

Created in 2007 for only two seasons (there should have been more), Xavier Renegade Angel is about a spirit-seeking "enlightened” being named Xavier. He travels around the world like an itinerant preacher in the hopes of helping people. His appearance is rather interesting and reflects the tone of the show. On his head area he has blonde hair, a beak, and is affected by heterochromia iridum (two different colored eyes). His body composes of six nipples, brown fur and a snake as a hand. His lower area contains backward legs and a loincloth to cover his third eye. Each episode of Xavier Renegade Angel is filled with absurd humor, satire, clever wordplay and intriguing dialogue. I recommend this show if you like these attributes in a show.

[Warning: This show can be very offensive and vulgar. If you cannot handle this, I don’t recommend that you watch it. For example, in episode one, a town and its people get sick from a “computer virus” and Xavier tries to cure it with AIDS.]

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